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Fading scarring has never been easier

  • science Built on 15 years of rigorous scientific research and consumer studies.
  • water_drop Micro-silica formula creates a reservoir of hydration designed to assist the body in repairing damage.
  • avg_pace HSX™ Technology is engineered to deliver nutrients to the skin barrier effectively as possible.
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Proven to repair scarring and damaged skin


Advanced Skin Repair Treatment

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67 reviews
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Revitalize and moisturize scarred skin faster with micro-silica.

RecoverX's micro-silica formula is designed to improve the appearance and texture of damaged and scarred skin. RecoverX accelerates repair and recovery by rapidly increasing the body’s production of orthosilicic acid (OSA) while also drawing in moisture from the air to create a hydrating, rejuvenating environment.

No Magic... Just Science

RecoverX Reviews


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67 reviews



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Must have

I kept getting fb ads for this and was skeptical because there are a a lot of products out there that promise way more than they deliver. I was offput by the high price too. I finally caved and ordered samples, and was initially offput by the ointment like consistency….but I've been using this stuff for a handful of months now and I gotta say, it's a a game changer. It has helped my skin feel soooo much softer and hydrated, and it has helped a lot with my scarring too. I now enjoy how protective it feels and use it daily in the mornings (I use a face oil at night for hydration). I feel so much more confident in my skin now and happy to take selfies and show myself on my webcam (remote worker). Worth the price but I try to get a deal when I can of course.


Ellen H.

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Acne scars

I have tried everything to get rid of ice pick acne scars . You name it I've done it, micros, peels, Munro needles and some of the best creams. I honestly thought this was another gimmick to good to be true. I used it religiously and about 2 months later my daughter looked at me and said “Mom your acne scares look so much better , they aren't as pronounced as they used to be”. So I'm sold on this product and buying a 2nd one . I never wrote reviews either but felt I needed to on this one.



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2 weeks in

My entire skin care routine caters to treating my hyperpigmentation and scarring while also deeply hydrating and soothing my skin. This cream has been a game changer. I have acne prone skin & what I've learned over time is that while a balanced skincare routine that works FOR YOU is needed...where most ppl miss the mark is also incorporating a deeply hydrating final step into their regimen. When your moisture barrier is compromised, it's almost like you're fighting invisible inflammation. This cream is a gem and has been smoothing out old and new scarring, I thought I'd always be stuck with. The shallow scarring on my temples are almost gone, the shallow scarring on my forehead is about 25% improved and looks visibly plumper and the worst of my scarring which is on my cheeks are slowly filling in. I've gotten dozens of chemical peels and micro-needling treatments and have even dabbled in laser treatments. Nothing has truly addressed my skin texture issue besides this cream and peptides. Wasn't sure if I was just imagining my skin looking smoother until I took raw pictures this weekend with no filter and omg it's really working and I'm only 2 weeks in. I'm so happy I decided to finally try this and I'm even more excited to see my results in 4-6 weeks.
Pro tip: combine this with strong collagen rebuilding skincare treatments like peptides, tretinoin, and cold jet plasma treatments and watch your skin literally remold itself like new.



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Finally Perfection!

This product is amazing! I have oily skin, that I think is dehydrated because I don't drink enough H20, I'm trying, & this does not make my skin greasy, & knock hard on wood, no break outs.
I love that if my skin feels dry I can let the 1st layer soak in & then apply another. I'm not sure if that's what I'm supposed to do, but it works.
I've been looking for a product I can use year round. My skin wasn't horrible, but I duo have some texture scarring I'm working on & this cream is so soothing, & again I love that I feel comfortable applying every day. I can tell a difference how it looks & feels.
I'm also so happy it's fragrance free. I've been fighting headaches that can be triggered by smell so I'm so thankful all around for this amazing product!


Helen B.

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I've already used one jar and going to order another. Its worth every penny you pay for it. I have bad acne scars from when I was a teen. Now they're so much better. I can hardly believe it.This stuff is great.



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New staple holy grail for me

I have acne scars from hormonal pimples. I don't have dents or really textured scarring. Some of my scars I do notice are slightly indented if you really look closely but overall my main issue is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation & post-inflammatory erythema. With fair skin these scars are very brown/red & more red/visible when my skin is dry.
I've been on 0.05% tretinoin for approx. 2.5 years now. While it's helped, I still feel very tired/insecure. I constantly use concealer/foundation to hide it, it's prevented me from going to enjoying sun activities.
Saw this on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I also have a keloid scar on my body. Anyways this is a new staple because:
1. SO soothing/hydrating. Too heavy for me to use during the day (I live in Hawaii), so I only use it at night but wake up w/ amazingly calm/soothed skin. It goes on heavy but by morning when I wake up my skin is so soft/smooth/no redness. The cream actually absorbed overnight as my face didn't feel tacky/greasy waking up! My scars are less bright/red, I feel it's slowly fading & it's only been 2 weeks using this at night! I feel by 6mo. I probably won't need so much makeup! My keloid scar also seems hydrated/less brown!
2. I'm a tretinoin user so my skin gets quite dry. I use this as last step after tretinoin cream before bed. Heals dry flakey red skin overnight or even in 6 hours if I'm at home doing nothing, I just use it on its own (almost like a mask)
3. It has not broken me out!


Pamela R.

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Little improvement

Purchased for helping my teen with the scaring from cystic acne. A little help but not dramatic. It does make her skin feel soft she says. Will jeep trying to see if any more noticeable improvement.



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Moisturizing and healing!

I was very excited to try RecoverX, especially to heal acne scars from years ago. I found that RecoverX did a great job healing my scarred skin, although it didn't help with acne breakouts as much as I was hoping it would. Maybe if I use it for a longer period of time and more frequently (twice a day) it would help more in that area. I put RecoverX on my face every night and in the morning my skin would feel soft, clean and well moisturized.



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Really effective

I saw this on social media and was initially skeptical. I researched it more and found consistently high ratings, so purchased it. It is pricey, but a little goes a very long way. Around the time I purchased this, I had a small cut on my cheek and was very worried about scarring. I used this consistently under bandaids (changed frequently) and after the scabs healed - while my skin was still pink. About six weeks later, I have barely any scar left at all. It helped with the healing tremendously. Based on my experience the cost is worth the investment.

About RecoverX

The world's first transdermal application of micro-silica.

RecoverX treatments reach peak deliverability with the help of HSX Technology: a specially engineered pseudo-ceramide compound that acts as a magnet, drawing nutrients within millimeters of the skin barrier for more effective absorption.

Our hygroscopic structure pulls moisture from the surrounding environment to boost hydration by 130% and rapidly assist the body's natural ability to repair.

Micro-silica draws moisture into the skin creating a reservoir of repair and hydration. This powerful compound also stimulates connective tissue growth.

A consumer study from Princeton Consumer Research found 90% of users noticed a reduction in the redness of their blemishes and 86% of users felt their scar became softer, smoother and better blended with surrounding skin.


increase in moisturization over baseline 30 minutes after application.

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